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                               King’s Forest



Begun in 2014, the King’s Forest project at St. Mark’s is transforming roughly 2.5 acres of unused land into an attractive, forested park for children to explore nature and learn to appreciate God's Creation.

The entrance is decorated with ornamental and fruit trees, drawing visitors into a setting akin to a native Texas forest. The forest holds three ponds and a water feature with a trickling stream and will feature a simple amphitheater, meditation paths, a pergola, and a play area once completed.  The hope is that the King's Forest will be utilized by schools and other youth organizations for field trips and teaching opportunities, as well as by individuals seeking solitude with God and his creation.

When the King’s Forest matures, it will be unlike any other play area we know of in Corpus Christi.

Kings forest sign.webp
Kings forest sign.webp
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