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Crossroads Episcopal College Ministry 

People in college find themselves on a journey in life and faith. Places of education are natural locations for learning and exploring new ideas. It is a place of movement. Crossroads – Episcopal College Ministry is about your journey of faith to provide strength, hope, and courage to ask about issues and matters of faith in the spirit of trust and adventure. The leaders of this group are not experts on your lives. We are all servants and friends to those who are seeking a noble and worthy purpose in their own spiritual and religious lives. We are here to spend time with people on the Crossroads of life.


Group Norms:

  • All questions are welcomed.

  • Labeling, Shaming, and Demonizing will not be endorsed or accepted.

  • Seek to understand BEFORE expecting to be understood.

  • Our conversations will remain within the group, for context of these conversations matter.

  • Grace is a practiced value.

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